We also do web site design.

This web site http://www.gosoftware.com.au was designed and built in-house. The site was designed to contain a minimum of graphics in order to make the site as fast as possible. Some additional site functionality was provided using JavaScript but the majority of the site was produced using hand coded html rather than one of the "WYSIWYG" HTML editors. Most of these "fancy" editors generate a lot of extra HTML code which doesn't actually do anything visually but makes the web page larger and hence slower.

The requirements of this site were to explain who GO Software is and what we do. In addition we wanted out customers to be able to easily download the latest updates of our current Windows based software whenever they needed to in order to keep their software as up to date as possible with a minimum impact on our time.

One additional function that we decided to add to the site was to provide the latest fees and charges table formulae for our Ausbroker and Rent Master programs on-line and the latest "Group Tax" formulae (or whatever the ATO have decided to call it this week) for our Payroll software clients. We also decided to add some information about the internet, broadband connections, etc and also answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

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