Sorry, we can't really answer questions about this as we are almost as much in the dark as you are but if this information is helpful to you then just send us an email to say "thanks". Use the information at your own peril as we make NO GUARANTEES about it and we may be completely WRONG!

If your machine is running slow or doing strange things you may have a active virus or other rogue program running on your computer. How do you find out? Make sure that your anti-virus software is up to date FIRST! but following these instructions may help you.

If you hold down the CTRL and the ALT key on your keyboard and at the same time press the DELETE key then you will start up the Windows Task Manager window. This can show the names of all of the programs which are currently running on your computer.

The APPLICATIONS tab will show you the programs which are visibly running on your system while the PROCESSES tab will show you other programs which are running which may not be visible to you. Some of these processes are required for Windows to actually run and if you END TASK these critical processes then you may cause Windows to shut down. In general, if it's a Microsoft program, then you probably shouldn't use the END TASK option to terminate the process. However you MAY be able to terminate other programs in order to stop a crashed or non-responding program or virus from interfering with the normal running of your computer.

Use the END TASK option at your own peril but here is a list of many processes that we have seen running on our own (or our customer's) computers and what the purpose of these processes are. You can PROBABLY assume that any processes that say that they are from MICROSOFT are ok - but this MAY NOT be the case as it is possible to generate a program and say that it is a Microsoft program when it isn't. The Microsoft programs we have in this list we believe ARE genuine Microsoft programs/processes.

If a program or process isn't in this list you can find out what it is by locating it on your hard disk in Windows Explorer and then using the RIGHT mouse button to right-click on it and choose PROPERTIES. The information that is displayed about the program/process MAY be helpful in deciding whether it is safe or not.

Many of the files/processes can be found in your C:\Windows, C:\Windows\System or C:\Windows\System32 folders. On some systems you may not have a C:\Windows folder but you may have a C:\WinNT folder instead and if so then look there instead.

If you can't find the program/process in these folders then you can click on the START menu and then SEARCH and then FILES OR FOLDERS and then enter the name of that process into the search engine and see if Windows can find it for you. If you DO see the file in the listing then you can RIGHT-CLICK on the listed file and choose PROPERTIES and have a look at what it says in there. This may give you a clue as to what the process is for (and it may NOT).

Note that in the list below items in green we believe are genuine Microsoft programs while items in red we believe to cause problems.

To find out WHERE these processes are loaded and run from ou need to check the following locations....

Possible Windows Processes Running & their Purpose
ProcessName/Purpose of ProcessSource
alg.exeApplication Layer Gateway ServiceMicrosoft
apdproxy.exeAdobe Photoshop AlbumAdobe
AutoSave.exeAutoSave - backs up changed files to a networked computerAutoSave
atiptaxx.ExeATI Desktop Control Panel (ATI VGA driver)ATI Technologies
ati2evxx.ExeATI External Event Utility (ATI VGA Driver)ATI Technologies
beetle.exeCyber Beetle Mouse DriverSamsung
cs32desk.exeCoSession Remote Desktop (Remote Access Support Software)InSync
csrss.exeClient/Server RunTime ProcessMicrosoft
ctfmon.ExeMicrosoft's stupid text services file: see Removing CTFMONMicrosoft
datalayer.ExeNokia Mobile Phone Data ModuleNokia
dcfssvc.ExeKodak Digital Camera DriverKodak
DirectCD.ExeRoxio Direct-CD software for CD-RW disksRoxio
explorer.exeWindows Explorer ShellMicrosoft
icqnet.exeICQ Messenger Network MonitorICQ
imgicon.exeIomega Zip Drive IconsIomega
InCD.exeNero InCD Rewritable CD Packet DriverAhead Nero
incmail.exeIncrediMail Email ClientIncredimail
inetinfo.exeNormally part of MS IIS web server but may also be Trojan.W32.RONTOKBROMicrosoft
iSafe.ExeVet Anti-Virus Email CheckerVet
jusched.ExeSun's Automatic Java Update ToolSun Micro Systems
lsass.exeLSA ShellMicrosoft
megaedit.ExeMega-Edit Text File Editor - similar to Windows NotepadMega-Edit
mfntctl.exeMighty Fax Controller
mhotkey.exeKeyboard Driver for Chiconey keyboards - safe to removeMail Frontier
mlfbuddy.exeMail Frontier Buddy (Matador Junkmail filter)Mail Frontier
Mlog.exeReconnect Network Drives & PrintersGO Software
Mozilla.exeMozilla Internet BrowserMozilla.Org
msmsgs.exeMicrosoft MessengerMicrosoft
MsnMsgr.exeMSN MessengerMicrosoft
MWSOEMON.ExeMy Web Search Email Plugin (Delete it?) C:\Program Files\My Way\...MyWebSearch.com
ncITray.ExeNokia Mobile Phone Status MonitorNokia
NeroCheck.exeAhead Nero CD Writing SoftwareAhead Nero
ntvdm.exeNTVDM ApplicationMicrosoft
olfsnt40.exeSymantec Fax Starter EditionSymantec
qttask.exeApple QuickTimeApple
RealSched.ExeRealplayer Media player softwareRealPlayer
Refresh.exeIomega Zip Drive RefreshIomega
save.exeLinked to WeatherCast - don't need it!WhenU.Com
ServiceLayer.ExeNokia Mobile Phone Service Layer ModuleNokia
services.exeServices & Controller AppMicrosoft
slserv.ExeUser Level Modem Service (Rockwell Chipset Modem Driver) Netcomm?Rockwell
smss.exeWindows NT Session ManagerMicrosoft
soundman.ExeAdvance Sound Effect Manager (audio driver)Advance Logic Inc
spoolsv.exeSpooler Subsystem AppMicrosoft
StartNT.exeIomega Zip Drive Startup OptionsIomega
svchost.exeGeneric Host process for Win32 ServicesMicrosoft
sysint16.ExeUnknown (Delete it?)Unknown
SynTPLpr.ExeSynaptics Touchpad (mouse) Driver HelpSynaptics Inc
SynTPEnh.ExeSynaptics Touchpad (mouse) EnhancementsSynaptics Inc
SystemWindows System ProcessMicrosoft
System Idle ProcessWindows Idle ProcessMicrosoft
taskmgr.exeWindows Task ManagerMicrosoft
uphclean.ExeMicrosoft's Unreconciled Profile Cleanup Service (Speeds up logoff)Microsoft
VetMsg.ExeVet Anti-VirusVet
VetTray.exeVet Anti-Virus System Tray IconVet
vsmon.exeZone Alarm FirewallZoneLabs
wb0x2.ExeThis is a pop-up advert and should be killedUnknown
weather.exe4 day Weather Forecast SoftwareWhenU.Com
WebShotsTray.ExeWebShots Desktop Image & Screensaver softwareWebShots
winampa.ExeWinAmp Media Player (audio/Video player)WinAmp
WinCinemaMgr.ExeWinCinema DVD Player Software
winlogon.exeWindows NT Logon ApplicationMicrosoft
wowexec.exeWindows Win16 Application LauncherMicrosoft
WzQkPick.exeWinzip Quick PickWinzip
YPager.exeYahoo MessengerYahoo

Note that we believe that you should make sure that you have up to date virus protection (we recommend VET software), Malware/Spyware detection software (we recommend AD-Aware software) and also Firewall software (we recommend Zone Alarm software) on your computer if you connect to the internet.

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