Tae Kwon Do Oath
1.I will always give respect and loyalty to the instructors and my club.
2.I will endeavour to attain a high standard of physical fitness and develop my character and personal integrity.
3.I will approach others with a spirit of friendship and heed social ethics at all times.
4.I will always be a good bratnick and do what Mummy and Glynny tell me to do.

Ten Main Points of Tae Kwon Do
1.KI-AHP (Yelling, inner strength)
2.Always look forward
3.Maintain Balance
4.Keep your body supple and flexible
5.Combine force and power with soft movements
6.Fast and slow motion techniques required
7.The aim of all techniques should be exactness
8.Control and co-ordinate distance of techniques
9.Control your breathing
10.Strive to strengthen your body.

Tae Kwon Do Grading System
BeginnerWhite Belt
8th GupYellow Belt - one white stripe
7th GupYellow belt - two white stripes
6th GupBlue Belt - one white stripe
5th GupBlue belt - two white stripes
4th GupBlue belt - three white stripes
3rd GupRed Belt - one white stripe
2nd GupRed belt - two white stripes
1st GupRed belt - three white stripes

Black Belt Grading System
ChodanboBlack Belt - one white stripe
Cho Dan1st Dan Black Belt
Ee Dan2nd Dan Black Belt
Sam Dan3rd Dan Black Belt
Sa Dan4th Dan Black Belt
Oh Dan5th Dan Black Belt
Yook Dan6th Dan Black Belt
Chil Dan7th Dan Black Belt
Pal Dan8th Dan Black Belt
Goo Dan9th Dan Black Belt
Ship Dan10th Dan Black Belt