Our support policy is that when we sell you a system is that we expect you to take out an annual support contract with us. This contract covers you for free upgrades to our standard software (excluding major upgrades required by a change in legislation). It also provides you with free unlimited phone and/or internet support. If we are required to come out and visit you on site then there will be a charge involved.

There are different support charges based on whether your software is installed on a standalone PC or on a networked PC system. This is because there are more problems with multi-user systems due to network failures etc.

We allow you to pay your software support charges annually in advance (by cheque or EFT) or we allow you to pay them monthly. If paid monthly we require you to provide your bank with an authority to automatically deduct funds from your bank account and credit our bank account once a month with the monthly support fee.

The support charges for multi-user systems cover you if your network "forgets" it's drive or printer mappings but does not include setting up the network for you if you don't already have a network or if you have a hard disk crash or virus and your network needs to be set up again as a result.

We don't cover you for failures caused by a virus attack. We expect you to install an effective anti-virus program and to keep it updated on a regular basis (at least once a month and preferably once a week). We DO NOT recommend that you use any Norton or Symantec branded anti-virus solution as quite a few of our customers have experienced strange things happening to their computers when using this software - programs not working properly etc. When the Norton or Symantec anti-virus products were removed - the problems went away.

Single User Systems

Multi-User Systems

Note our monthly charges are 10% of the annual charge (ie they carry a 20% surcharge) and MUST be paid via automatic bank transfer (bank fees at your expense).