Scheduled Task doesn't run?

If your scheduled task doesn't run, following is a simple check list you can follow to fix the problem.

Ensure that you have provided the (correct) username and password:
For security reasons Windows XP requires your Windows XP username & password to run scheduled task. For more information on what to do if you don't have password read Why UserName and Password? below. In Windows operating systems - if you need the enter a password to log on then you also need to supply the password to run a scheduled task.

If you have multiple user accounts ensure that you have provided the correct UserName and Password:
If you have multiple accounts on same computer (like one domain account and one local account), please make sure the username that you have provided is the same username you have used to login to the computer currently. The tasks will not work if you schedule the task using one user Account while you are logged into another user Account.

Check Status in Control Panel->Scheduled Tasks window:
Please go to Control Panel->Scheduled Tasks window. Select the task that corresponds to your task (it start with your task name) and right-Click and select Run. See if it runs and if it does not run please see what the Status column shows.

Schedule Calculator Application:
If your task still doesn't run go to Control Panel->Scheduled Tasks. Click on Add Scheduled Task. From the list of applications, select Calculator. If the calculator does not run then your scheduler service is not installed correctly on your computer.

Make sure Task Scheduler Service is started:
By default on all Windows XP machines the Scheduler service is started. To make sure please Click on START then RUN then enter SERVICES.MSC and click on the OK button Verify that the Startup type of the Task Scheduler service is set to Automatic so that next time your computer starts this service starts automatically. If it isn't then RIGHT Click on TASK SCHEDULER and choose PROPERTIES and set the STARTUP TYPE to AUTOMATIC and Click on the OK button.
Also verify that the Status of the Task Scheduler service reads Started. If it is not running then right-Click on it and select Start.

Restart Task Scheduler:
If it still doesn't work then please go to Control Panel->Scheduled Tasks window. In Advanced Menu and Click on Stop using Task Scheduler. Wait for 10 minutes and Click on Start using Task Scheduler.

If you are not able to run your task at scheduled time even after following all of the above steps then possibly the scheduler service is not installed correctly on your computer so you'll need to contact your technical support people. `

Why UserName and Password?

For security reason Windows XP requires that you must specify your Windows UserName and Password if you want to run scheduled task. Using your Username and password ensures that only you can the scheduled task.

What if I don't have UserName and Password?

Many home users do not have password setup for their home PC. Often home users don't want the inconvenience of typing password every time computer restarts. There is an easy way to solve this. You can create a password so that you can schedule tasks but then set auto-login ON so that you don't have to type the password every time computer restarts.

Create a password:
Click Start, Click Control Panel, and then double-Click User Accounts. Click the user account you want to add a password to, and then Click Create a Password. Follow the instructions on the screen to create a password. Note that any valid password is acceptable, but it cannot be a blank password, and you must log off and then log on again (or shut down and restart) before you schedule the task.

Set auto-login ON:
You can configure Windows XP to automatically log you in every time it restarts. This is probably only a useful feature if you are the ONLY person who uses this computer as otherwise the computer will automatically be logged into your user account no matter who turns it on.
Click Start, Click Run, and type control userpasswords2. Uncheck the Users must enter a username and password to use this computer check box. Click Apply. Enter the user name and password you wish to automatically log on with, and then Click OK. Click OK again and you're all done. (This feature allows users to start computer and use the account that you establish to automatically log on. Enabling auto logon makes your computer more convenient to use, but can pose a security risk since anyone can just turn the machine on and access your files).