RevNet Slip Printer Installation

Installing The Slip Printer Active-X Software

To simplify the installation of the RevNet Slip Printer Active-X Control we have provided a re-packagedversion of their software on our site. To install the software go into our website (www.gosoftware.com.au), then to our DOWNLOADS page, then choose FULL LIST OF ALL DOWNLOADS and you should see a list of files that you can download. Click here to go straight there.

Locate the file REVNET.DOC and click on it. The document is a word document and should either open in Internet Explorer, WinWord or WordPad. Print this document as it is the instructions from REVNET (although you can ignore the first few pages). These instructions are for your general information only as the instructions below must be followed to install the software from our site.

Then locate the file revnet.exe and click on it. You should be asked whether to OPEN or SAVE it. If you choose OPEN then the installation program will run directly from our web site bit it's better to choose SAVE and save it to your C:\BROKER folder.

Make sure that the check box marked (Close this Dialog when the download completes) is NOT ticked during the download process and when the download and save are complete click on the OPEN button to start the install.

It will display a message telling you what the file contains to which you can just click OK.

Then click on the UNZIP button which will unzip it to the C:\SlipPrnt folder and then automatically run the setup program created in that folder.

A RevNet message will be displayed with options to OK or EXIT SETUP. You need to click on OK. The install program should then copy a number of files to your hard disk and it may tell you to restart your computer. If you have to restart your computer (or if you clicked on EXIT SETUP by mistake) you can re-start the setup process by clicking on START then RUN then entering C:\Broker\revnet.exe and clicking on the OK button or by clicking on START then RUN then entering C:\SlipPrnt\Setup.Exe and clicking on the OK button.

Then you should see a message saying "Click this button to install RevNet Slip Printer - so click it! Some more files are then copied to your hard disk after which a message saying "Setup Completed" should be displayed.

Setting Up Internet Explorer for RevNet

Start up Internet Explorer and click on the TOOLS menu and then INTERNET OPTIONS.

Click on the SECURITY Tab at the top of the form, then click on the TRUSTED SITES icon and then the SITES button.

In the box marked Add this Web Site to the Zone enter the following web site...
Click on the ADD button to Add it into the list and then click on the OK button to close the form.

Click on the CUSTOM LEVEL button and select ENABLE for all of the entries in the list which relate to Active-X controls (normally the first five entries) and then click on OK. Close any open dialog boxes once you have completed this.

Setting The Printer's COM Port

Start up Internet Explorer (if it's not still open) and go to the RevNet Site (https://www.revnet.sa.gov.au) and log on using your Administrator's username and password.

Click on the MAINTENANCE option in the list on the left hand side of the screen.


Select COM1 as the COM Port, turn on the SLIP printer and put some blank paper into it and then click on the PRINT A TEST PAGE button to see if it prints. If it does then you have selected the correct COM port. If not then select COM2 (and possibly COM3 and COM4) and try again until you find the correct setting. On the majority of computers it will be COM1 or COM2 but if you have an internal modem installed into your computer it may be COM3 or COM4.