Rent Master is a comprehensive accounting program that has been written to meet the needs of a professional home rental mangement business and keep up with technology.

Rent Master has been designed to automate end of month procedures.

You will find immediate benefits in the amount of valuable time saved at the end of each month as well as the streamlined running of your rental business.

The system will do the full trust accounting for you (including for sales properties if required) and automates all of the common functions like arrears lists and letters, inspection lists and letters, rent review lists and letters, accurate water usage calculations and charges etc

We also have a module that allows you to access your data via a web browser (eg internet explorer) from any computer in the world - or from your phone or tablet computer (eg an iPad). This enables you to go out and do a property inspection and to complete the inspection form "on-line" and then automatically email the results to the tenant and/or landlord. In addition you can fill out a maintenance request on-line and have it automatically emailed to the relevant tradesman.

All of our software is designed to run in the Microsoft Windows environment. We have customers successfully running it on an Apple MAC and you can too (as long as you install a windows virtual machine using VMWare or a similar product).

It was developed locally by GO Software from its MS-DOS based brother and is enhanced to suit the industries needs as these change and expand.

Computing requirements


All of our software will happily run on any modern PC running Windows XP or later (32-bit version only however)

Our software is running on Windows-7 (32-bit) and Windows-8 (32-bit) and can run on WIndows-7 (64-bit) using the free XP-Mode.

It will also operate as a multi-user system on moden TCP/IP networks

Works with most modern printers, including laser printers and ink jet printers (laser printer recommended)



Landlord File

Stores names, addresses, phone/fax/mobile numbers, the number of properties owned, bank account details, amount to be withheld (if applicable), and account balances. You can also store photographs and any extra information. Account and budget inquiries can be made.

Property File

Stores property details, key number with key location file, agreement dates (including termination date), expenses allowed, commission and petties calculation. You can store old tenants and currents tenant against each property. Account and budget inquires can be made. A photograph of the property and floor plan can be included to appear on your screen. You can also store any extra information.

Tenant File


Stores tenant details, with additional contact names and details. It includes starting and ending dates, rent payment frequency and amount along with paid to date, rent review date, inspection date due, bad cheque details (for holding any payments back until clearance) banking and Bond details. Bonds can be put on hold so that no payment to the Tribunal is sent until full bonds are paid. New rent amount and effective date which automatically implements this on the date. You can inquire and print a full receipt history from the beginning of the tenancy as well as other account inquiries.

Creditor File


Stores name, address & bank details for automatic expense postings by cheque or EFT. Month to date, year to date and payments pending inquires can be made.

Screen Dumps

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You access your Landlord , property, tenant or creditor details through their codes. You can allocate your own codes to make them meaningful to you and the codes can be alphabetical, numerical or a mixture. We suggest the first four characters of your Landlord ’s surname plus a two digit suffix (eg SMITH01, SMITH05, BROW23 etc). In the case of the property codes we suggest the first four letters of the street address plus the number (eg MAIN23, KING14 etc).

Whenever you enter an address the system automatically adds the postcode for you.

Reports can be printed, fast easy searches can be done, inquiries to the account can be made, and details can be added, changed or cancelled all without leaving your current data entry function.

Expenses can be posted against properties for amounts paid out of the Trust account and warnings are displayed if unauthorised expenses or amounts are entered.

Expense details can be entered during the month even when there are no funds available and can then be paid automatically at the end of the month without further data entry.

Receipts can be posted for rent, sundry or bond amounts through the one receipt entry option. An Agent ID number can be associated with the tenant so that Receipts from those tenants paying directly to the bank can be entered using this number. If you have an Electronic Banking facility you can download your bank statement, import the details into Rent Master and have the Receipts automatically posted without any data entry required. When rent is entered, the paid to date is automatically calculated and if the receipt is not for the whole rent amount you can hold the extra balance or update the paid-to date based on a daily rent amount. It is also possible to deduct Rent directly from the Tenants bank account if required.

A receipt and bank deposit slip can be printed. Reports can be printed showing all Receipts from a tenant for the entire tenancy period for reconciliation or enquires.

All relevant control totals are displayed and account inquiries can be made into the Property and Landlords accounts. You may also enter an expense or receipt direct to the Landlords account.

Creditors Pending allows you to enter accounts for payment as you receive them. The system then pays them automatically at the end of the month (after checking on the Landlord balance and for any Agent commission due).

Commissions are calculated automatically. If a Landlord 's account does not have sufficient funds, you will receive whatever funds are available and any shortfalls are taken automatically next month. You can draw Commissions on a monthly or a weekly basis.

Landlord payments are automatically calculated. These payments can be split between any number of bank accounts. You can even pay the Landlord ’s mortgage for them and then forward the extra funds to them. Landlords can be paid at any time during the month by cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

EFT: A bank interface file can be produced for payments to Landlords AND Creditors accounts. This can be sent to your bank via modem, diskette or through the Internet - Makes reconciliation much easier.

Landlord statements are printed automatically. Quarterly or Annual statements can also be produced with transaction summaries by receipt/payment type if required (even if the Landlord has been deleted!).

Automatic Expenses enables you to enter ONE charge which is then debited against ALL Landlords or ALL Properties. A charge per cheque written can also be made to the Landlords account.

Budgets: A summary of income and expenses (by disbursement) for each Landlord or property is maintained. You can inquire on these totals at any time. They show Budget, Month-to-Date and Year-to-Date totals for each disbursement for each Landlord or property.

GST Upgrade: Provision has been made for ABN numbers in all relevant files. 48.5% of the creditor’s payment is automatically withheld for those with no ABN. Rentmaster can distinguish between Permanent Residential, Commercial & Holiday properties and deal with Rent amounts accordingly. Any GST will be paid automatically and the necessary reports are available.

FID/BAD Tax can be calculated and automatically deducted from all or selected Landlord accounts.

Reports can be viewed on the screen to save time and paper. You can change the time frames for Arrears, Rent Review and Inspection reports etc.

Automatic Water Calculations can be done. Each Landlord can have their own method of calculation. The calculation and invoice and letter are produced automatically and the final reading is stored for the next water charge.

Bank Reconciliation allows you to tick the cheques and deposited funds as they appear on the bank statement. This gives you a report of presented and unpresented cheques and deposits resulting in a true reconciliation of Rent Master’s trust account to your actual bank account balance. If you have Electronic Banking facilities, (depending on the bank) you can download your statement and have the cheques and deposits presented automatically from the banks list.

Disbursements: Expense descriptions can be changed for whatever codes are necessary for your business. All Trust account totals are stored with opening and current amounts split into rental and bonds.

Arrears, Rent Review, Inspection and many other letters can be produced automatically (using user customised selections) and Windows based Word Processing Functions! Standard Forms can be produced automatically as well.

Invoices can be produced so that accounts can be debited to the tenant or Landlord . You can nominate to additionally show any rent arrears on these. You can also do a Statement run whenever you wish and keep the Invoices for a nominated time frame. The amounts outstanding automatically appear on the Receipts option.

Diary facilities are included and the diary can be printed by due date for actions to be taken.

Holiday Bookings facility which enables you to see when a property has been booked and when it is available, record bookings and to process deposits and final payments.

On Line Help is available at a touch of the <F1> key. This displays on the screen all of the latest information from the operator's manual.

Multi-User: Full multi-user access - two people can even be entering Receipts at the same time on different computers.

Training and support: A solid training and support program is included in the price of the system. This entitles you to 10 hours training and unlimited phone support for 12 months.

Rent Master Costing and Periodical Payment Terms

Rent Master is the most cost effective, quality property management system available in South Australia. We have also made it even more attractive, with payment terms to suit you.

Great Value Price


Included in the price are a number of valuable advantages:


Three Payment Options

You are able to select the most suitable option to meet your cash flow requirements. The options available are:

(Time payment options must be arranged as automatic periodic payment through your bank.)

Maintenance/Support Agreement (after 1st year)
Hardware Requirements
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Thank you for your interest. We look forward to showing you how Rent Master can improve your business.

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