Fix Problems with Office 2007

There is an add-in available for office-2007 products to activate the old office-2003 menus as well as (or instead of) the silly ribbon(s). Unfortunately it's not FREE. It's US$19.99 for just Excel or just Word and US$29.95 for the whole office 2007 suite. In fact there are several versions of this available from different sources.

These products would probably get around the main objection to using Office-2007. The second objection relates to the fact that Office-2007 saves documents in a new format. However you can force it to save in Word-2003 or Excel-2003 format by default if you want to. To do this click on the silly "pearl" in the top left hand corner of Excel or Word and click on the EXCEL OPTIONS or WORD OPTIONS button and then choose the SAVE tab and change the default save format to whatever you want it to be.

There is also a Flash program available which shows you an Office 2003 screen and you then choose a menu option from that screen and it then tells you how to do the same thing in Office 2007