GO Software Support Policy

In the past GO Software has offered annual software support contracts to our Rent Master and Ausbroker customers.
This original support contract arrangement was made to keep the paperwork simple.
This hasn't worked very well for us as many of our customers have felt that they don't need to pay for a support contract (but they still expect to be able to ring up or email us and get support).
It hasn't worked out well for many of our customers either as some customers have always paid for a contract but then they have rarely needed to make use of it.
Other customers have not paid the invoice sent to them for their support contract, then rung for support and when we've sent them a bill they want to claim it on the support contract which they haven't paid for. Where I have agreed to waive the charge as ong as they backpay their support contract they STILL don't pay EITHER invoice.
To make it fair on everyone we have decided to shift only offering a "user pays" method of providing support and for those of you who haven't paid their previous bill there will be NO support.

From now on all support will be charged at $100 per hour plus GST and the charges will be made in 15 minute blocks so any phone call of up to 15 minutes or quick email reply will be charged at 15 minutes.
For those who like the idea of a pre-paid support agreement you can still do this by buying support hours in advance in blocks of 5 or 10 hours at a discounted rate.
Where an on-site visit is required a 10% surcharge over the normal rate will apply plus travel time will also be charged based on the distance from the GPO.

The frequently asked questions pages (FAQ) on our web site are constantly being upgraded and the answers to the majority of questions that we are asked are in these pages.
Please print them out and read them before you ring up as this can increase your knowledge and save you time.

Type of InformationWeb Address
General FAQfaq.php
Rent Master FAQfaq-rent.php
Ausbroker FAQfaq-brok.php
Data Backups FAQbackup.php

Many of the problems seem to be to do with your trust accounts and it appears that many of you have no clear idea how to balance ANY bank account (let alone a trust account) and some of you have very little understanding of basic accounting principles so perhaps we can provide a group training session (or sessions) for those of you who feel that they need some help. I was thinking of $100+GST per business where you could have as many attendees as you liked. The sessions could be done during the day or one evening.

Other customers have required many hours of support - particularly those who don't check their month end reports or who let trust account problems go by for months before asking for help in sorting them out. Some customers have expected us to spend hours and hours sorting out their trust account problems where they haven't balanced their trust account for six months or more. You need to balance your trust account DAILY or at the very worst WEEKLY.