These are the network settings for various common ISP's used in South Australia. Note that for broadband ADSL connections you need to enter the full email address as the user name and so you enter rather than just glyn (note that I've specified and not . This is because you need to enter your username @ your ISP's domain name.)

It is a good idea to also use Dr.TCP to configure the MTU and TCP Receive Window to get better throughput from your ADSL modem. You can download this from www.dslreports.com/front/drtcp.html.

You may need to set TCP Receive Window to 64240 and the MTU to 1454 for the appropriate LAN Adaptor (NIC).

There is also a lot of useful help on www.ozcableguy.com

Chariot Internet (Top)
Phone No*44-08-8274-4888
IP AddressDynamically Assigned
Primary DNS Server203.87.88.1
Secondary DNS Server203.87.88.2
Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Servermail.chariot.net.au
Incoming (POP) Mail Servermail.chariot.net.au
News (NNTP) Servernews.chariot.net.au
FTP Serverusers.chariot.net.au
Upload User Home pageshttp://users.chariot.net.au/~username/

Picknowl Internet (Top)
Phone No*44-08-8422-1111
IP AddressDynamically Assigned
Primary DNS Server203.24.77.6
Secondary DNS Server203.24.77.1
Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Servermail.picknowl.com.au
Incoming (POP) Mail Servermail.picknowl.com.au
News (NNTP) Servernews.picknowl.com.au
FTP Serverftp.picknowl.com.au

Telstra Big Pond Internet (Top)
Phone No*44-0198-308-888
IP AddressDynamically Assigned
Primary DNS Server139.134.5.51
Secondary DNS Server139.134.2.190
Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Servermail.bigpond.com
Incoming (POP) Mail Servermail.bigpond.com
News (NNTP) Servernews.bigpond.com
FTP ServerFtp.Users.Bigpond.Com

Telstra Big Pond ADSL Internet (Top)
Phone No8,35
IP AddressDynamically Assigned
Primary DNS Server61.9.128.14
Secondary DNS Server61.9.128.15
DNS Suffixvic.bigpond.net.au
Host NameCANNOT be blank - use local machine name
Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Servermail.bigpond.com
Incoming (POP) Mail Servermail.bigpond.com
News (NNTP) Servernews.bigpond.com
FTP ServerFtp.Users.Bigpond.Com
Make sure that AUTO DETECT SETTINGS is ticked in IE Internet Properties
Also make sure that the IP address of the router is ALSO included in the DNS addresses for each machine in the network.

SE-NET Internet (Top)
Phone No*44-08-8168-9044
IP AddressDynamically Assigned
Primary DNS Server203.11.90.1
Secondary DNS Server203.11.90.240
Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Servermail.senet.com.au
Incoming (POP) Mail Serverpop.senet.com.au
News (NNTP) Servernews.senet.com.au
FTP Serverftp.senet.com.au

Boldweb Internet (Top)
Phone No*44-08-8220-1000
IP AddressDynamically Assigned
Primary DNS ServerServer Assigned
Secondary DNS ServerServer Assigned
Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Servermail.boldweb.com.au
Incoming (POP) Mail Servermail.boldweb.com.au
News (NNTP) Servernews.boldweb.com.au
FTP Serverftp.boldweb.com.au

iPrimus Internet (Top)
Phone No*44-08-
IP AddressDynamically Assigned
Primary DNS Server203.134.64.66
Secondary DNS Server203.134.65.66
Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Serversmtp.iprimus.com.au
Incoming (POP) Mail Serverpop.iprimus.com.au
News (NNTP) Servernews.iprimus.com.au
FTP Serverhome.iprimus.com.au
Upload User Home pageshttp://home.iprimus.com.au/username

Optus-Net Internet (Top)
Phone No*44-08-8245-5090
IP AddressDynamically Assigned
Primary DNS Server203.2.75.132
Secondary DNS Server198.142.0.51
Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Servermail.optusnet.com.au
Incoming (POP) Mail Servermail.optusnet.com.au
News (NNTP) Servernews.optusnet.com.au
FTP Servermembers.optusnet.com.au
Upload User Home pageshttp://members.optusnet.com.au/~username
Optusnet Supporthttp://www1.optusnet.com.au/helpdesk/networksettings.html

InterNode Internet (Top)
Phone No*44-08-8104-5599
IP AddressDynamically Assigned
Primary DNS Server192.231.203.132
Secondary DNS Server192.231.203.3
Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Servermail.internode.on.net
Incoming (POP) Mail Servermail.internode.on.net
WebMail Serverwebmail.internode.on.net
News (NNTP) Servernews.internode.on.net
FTP Servermirror.internode.on.net
Upload User Home pageshttp:///~username
InterNode Supportwww.internode.on.net

Big Button Internet (Top)
Phone No*44-08-8414-9000
IP AddressDynamically Assigned
Primary DNS Server
Secondary DNS Server
Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Servermail.arcom.com.au
Incoming (POP) Mail Serverpop.arcom.com.au
News (NNTP) Server
FTP Server
Upload User Home pageshttp:///~username
InterNode Supportwww.bigbutton.com.au

Phone Support (Top)
CompanyPhone NoFax NoEmail
Netcomm Modems(02) 9424-2070(02) 9424-2010
Dynalink Modems1800-653-962support@dynalink.com.au

Accessing Your Email Account from Multiple Computers

If you have multiple computers on your network and you want to be able to send and receive emails on them all but you only have one email account then you can set up your system to enable you to do this. Another situation might be where you want to be able to send and receive emails using the one email account from both your home computer and your computer at work. Normally if you set up both computers to access the one account and you download the new emails onto one computer then you can't access those emails from the other computer(s) as they will have been deleted from your ISPs email server.

This assumes that you are using Microsoft Outlook Express as your email program but it works exactly the same way using Incredimail and there would be similar functions in most other email programs as well.

In Outlook Express...

What this means is that once you have downloaded ANY email message onto ANY computer for the FIRST time then that email message will remain on your ISPs mail server for another 5 days and so you can download the SAME message onto other computers up to 5 days later. This will allow for holidays such as Easter where you may download a message on the Thursday before Easter but still be able to download the same message onto another computer on the Tuesday AFTER Easter.

Any emails that you SEND from ANY of the computers will only be visible on THAT computer but any emails that you RECEIVE will be able to be viewed on all of the computers.

If you have your own domain name registered (our is gosoftware.com.au) then you can set up as many email accounts as you like using that domain name (eg , , , , ). Normally your ISP will send ANY mail ending in your domain name to you to sort out (so we automatically receive mail addressed to any of these addresses.) If you set up the email addresses on each computer differently such that each computer has a different email address but they are all using your registered domain name then you can use OutLook Express to filter the incoming mail. This enables you to download email addressed to on John's computer ONLY and email addressed to on Glyn's computer only. To do this you have to set up a mail rule in Outlook Express.

Adding Message Rules to Outlook Express

In Outlook Express... Once you have done this then your email program will ONLY download emails addressed to YOU and not emails addressed to anyone else. However on ONE of your computers you would need to add rules to say DON'T DOWNLOAD JOHN, DON'T DOWNLOAD JULIE, DON'T DOWNLOAD JIM but no other rules. On this machine it would NOT download emails for any of these people but it would download ANY and ALL other emails. So if someone addressed an email to JHON instead of JOHN you would receive it onto this computer because it would NOT be downloaded onto John's computer. If you didn't do this then you would have a lot of emails that would NEVER get downloaded onto ANY computer and you would eventually exceed your ISPs mailbox limit and then you wouldn't receive ANY more emails until your cleared out your mail box some other way (eg using WEB-MAIL). To do this you would need to go into Outlook Express You can also use mail rules to automatically put emails from certain people into their own folder so that your emails are pre-sorted for you. This means that if you are looking for an email from Freddy Bloggs you can just go and look in Freddy's folder to see ALL of his emails but NONE of anyone elses. To do this create new folders under your INBOX folder for everyone whose mail you want to pre-sort. Then create mail rules to move any mail from them into their own folder. When you download your emails then any emails from people on your list will be presorted into their own folders and any other emails will remain in your INBOX. You can also use mail rules to automatically DELETE any emails advertising VIAGRA etc but be careful as if you automatically choose to delete ANY email with the word VIAGRA in the message body then if someone you know sends you a joke about Viagra this will ALSO be deleted. Be aware that the people sending out these emails usually disguise the word Viagra by misspelling it or by adding characters into the name which you can't see on your screen but which mean that the test for the word Viagra will fail on. Eg V-I-A-G-R-A is NOT the same as Viagra and so this wouldn't be deleted.