NeroCmd Commands

  NeroCmd = inPath & "NeroCmd"
  FileNo = OpenLogFile(NeroCmd, "O")
  Print #FileNo, "--write"
  Print #FileNo, "--drivename " & GetComboItem(cboDrive)
  Print #FileNo, "--iso " & ConvText(inFile, "", "")
  Print #FileNo, "--backup"
  Print #FileNo, "--relaxjoliet"
  Print #FileNo, "--underrunprot"
  Print #FileNo, "--createisofs"
  Print #FileNo, "--detectnonemptycdrw"
  Print #FileNo, "--forceerasecdrw"
  Print #FileNo, "--disableeject"
  Print #FileNo, "--real"
  Print #FileNo, inPath & inFile
  Close #FileNo
  RCmd = LocateProg("NeroCMD")
  If RCmd <> "" Then ExecDosCmd RCmd & " @" & NeroCmd    
--writeBurn disc
--drivename [name][name] is either the "full name" of the drive or the drive letter
--iso [volume name][volume name] is the volume name to be stored on the disc
--backupReplace imported files only if newer are found
--relaxjolietRelax Joliet file name length limitations
--underrunprotProtect from underrun condition
--createisofsCreate ISO filesystem
--detectnonemptycdrwDetect if the disc for burning is a non empty RW media and offer to take certain actions
--forceerasecdrwDelete disc without user interaction (requires --detectnonemptycdrw)
--disableejectDisables disc ejection after burn completion
--realForces the disc to be actually burned If --real is not specified the process is only simulated
--eraseErase an RW media
--verifyVerify ISO filesystem after writing
--mediatype [type]Specify a media type (combine with +) mediacd, mediaddcd, mediadvdm, mediadvdp, mediadvdany, mediadvdram, mediaml, mediamrw, medianocdr, medianocdrw, mediacdrw, mediacdr, mediadvdrom, mediacdrom, medianodvdmrw, medianodvdmr, medianodvdprw, medianodvdpr, mediadvdmr, mediadvdmrw, mediadvdpr, mediadvdprw, mediafpacket, mediavpacket, mediapacketw or mediahdb
--application [text][text] is the "application" of an ISO track
--copyright [text][text] is the "copyright" of an ISO track
--abstract [text][text] is the "abstract" of an ISO track
--bibliographic [text][text] is the "bibliographic" of an ISO track
@paramfileparamfile contains the command line arguments