Free Program Downloads and Updates
Acrobat PDF Reader www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/update.html
Free PDF Creating Printer Driver (GO2PDF) go2pdf.exe
Backup your Outlook Express Email Accounts/Address Book/Messages etc www.outlook-express-backup.com
ICQ Internet Chat Program www.icq.com/download/
HP Printer Drivers www.hp.com/cposupport/software.html?cc=au
Epson Printer Drivers tech.epson.com.au/downloads/downloads_categories.html?
Tucows Shareware Downloads tucows.chariot.net.au
Information about the Transcendental Meditation Technique (TM) www.tmprogram.com.au/book/toc.html

Other Downloads and Updates
Microsoft Internet Explorer (Latest Version download)
Netscape (Latest Version download)
Mozilla FireFox (Latest Version download)
Flash Player (Latest version download)
Shockwave Player (Latest version download)
QuickTime player for online movies (Latest download)
Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF Files (Latest Download)
Web Site Search Engine Submission

Anti Virus Software
Vet Anti-Virus Software (originally developed in Adelaide)www.vet.com.au
McAfee Anti-Virus Softwarewww.mcafee.com
Norton (Symantec) Anti-Virus Softwarewww.norton.com
AVG Anti-Virus Softwarewww.grisoft.com
Sophos Anti-Virus Softwarewww.sophos.com
Trend-Micro Anti-Virus Softwarewww.trendmicro.com

Note that while we have listed a number of anti-virus web sites here (for your convenience) we use and recommend ONLY the VET product.Vet was originally developed in Adelaide, South Australia and was such an excellent product that the Vet company was purchased by International Software giant Computer Associates.

Make sure that you download BOTH the virus software (when it is updated - once a month or so) AND the virus update file (which is updated several times DAILY).

To see what version VET software that you are running right click on the VET icon in the task bar in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Choose VERSION from the pop-up menu. The version should be at least (current version on 30/10/2002) and your virus macro file date should be no older than a WEEK! (We update this file from Vet automatically several times a day to make sure that our computer network is totally protected).

If, when you go to the Vet Site you see that the current virus software version is later than your version (their current version is shown in the left hand column) then download and install the Virus SOFTWARE. After downloading and installing the software (if required) make sure that you at ALSO download and install the virus UPDATE file as well. Then check YOUR version to make sure that you have installed it correctly.

If you have more than one computer then you need to install the virus updates on ALL of the computers as if one of them is not protected then it can become infected and then continually re-infect the other computers.

Unless you need to save your VET updates to floppy disk to use them on another computer, we suggest that you use the VET Easy Install option when prompted to do so.

MailWasher Pro Anti SPAM Software
Trial MailWasher Pro for 30 DaysFree MailWasher Pro download
Register the Free Download Version After 30 Day Free Trial Expires)Purchase your full registration key
Skip the Trial - Just Buy ItPurchase MailWasher Pro

Winzip Free Downloads
Program Name From WinZip Web SiteFrom Here
WinZip Compression Program V9.0 www.winzip.com/downauto.cgi?winzip90.exe winzip90.exe
Command Line (MS-DOS) Support www.winzip.com/getsite.cgi?wzcline.exe wzcline9.exe
WinZip Self Extractor V2.2 www.winzip.com/downauto.cgi?wzipse22.exe wzipse22.exe
Other WinZip Programs www.winzip.com/other.htm
PkZip for MS-DOS Vsn 2.50 www.pkware.com pk250.exe

Microsoft Free Updates
DCOM-95 & DCOM-98www.microsoft.com
Microsoft Data Access (MDAC)www.microsoft.com/data/download.htm
Internet Explorer V5.5 (for Win-95)www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/downloads/
Internet Explorer V6 (for Win-98 etc)www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/downloads/

Other Internet Sites of Possible Interest
Australian Tax Office (yuck!)www.ato.gov.au
Internode Internetwww.internode.on.net
The SA Sport Parachute Club Incwww.saspc.asn.au
The Australian Parachute Federationwww.apf.asn.au
What's on TV Tonite In Adelaide?www.ebroadcast.com.au