If you browse Google Maps these days you may notice that there are a lot of "push pin" indicators showing the location of many businesses on the maps. How do you get YOUR business to show up as well?

The first step is to create your own Google account login such as {YourBusinessName}@gmail.com if you don't already have one. If you have already setup a Google Places or Google+ listing use those login details.

Once you have logged in then check your listing for any error indications that Google may have such as:

If you see a duplicate listing it is very important that you delete any duplicates so you end up with only one Google listing so that existing and future customers can find you easily.

On your active listing, click the “Edit” button and check that all the information is completed and correct.

Once you have setup the account you need to start creating content that will attract customers and potential customers to your business.

You can read more about this at www.google.com.au/business