Get Remote Support from GO Software

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For Remote Support using TeamViewer CLICK HERE or here

With current technology we can provide remote support to any PC that is connected to the internet anywhere in the world.

The way it works is ...

  1. You first need to ring up and find out who is available to help you and let them know that you want them to connect to your PC.
  2. Then you need to download and run a small program from our web site.
  3. You then click on the support person's name in the list shown by the remote support program and it will attempt to connect through to the support person's computer.

If the connection is successful then the support person will be able to see the Windows desktop on your computer. They will be able to take control of your mouse and your keyboard in order to look at or change things on your computer. You will be able to see what they are doing and, if required, they can watch while you demonstrate to them the issue in question.

You can terminate the session at any time (as can the support person). Once the session has been terminated the small program that you downloaded will be un-installed and deleted from your system so the support person will not be able to get back in again unless you download and run the remote support program again.

When a remote session is in place you will have a small icon showing in the task bar in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. You can terminate the session at any time by right-clicking on that icon and choosing the CLOSE option.

We suggest that when you do so and you are asked whether to OPEN, RUN or SAVE the file you choose the RUN or OPEN option and not the SAVE option as we may update this program from time to time and you'll probably need the current version plus it's only quite small anyway (around 170kb). If you think that we may need to connect a number of times in the same day (or over the next few days then by all means SAVE the program to your desktop so that you don't have to download it every time but delete it once you have resolved the issue you had.

To request support

  1. Ring 0403-063-991 to book a support call.
  2. Download the support program from www.gosoftware.com.au/download/go_remote.exe
  3. Wait for the support person to take control of your PC
  4. After they have finished - just resume working on your computer - no need to reboot it

Note: We CAN NOT use this method of support to access your PC if you are not sitting in front of it to initiate the connection so we can't use this method to provide after hours support once you have gone home.

To setup an icon on your desktop to request support

  1. Right Click on a blank area on your Windows Desktop
  2. Choose NEW
  3. Choose SHORTCUT
  4. Enter go_remote.php
  5. Click on NEXT
  6. Enter Request Remote Support
  7. Click on FINISH

Now, all you have to do is to double click on that icon and you'll get this screen displayed, ready for you to ask to connect.

Note: You must enter go_remote.php EXACTLY as shown - with capitals where shown - or it won't work.