Georgia SoftWorks Desktop Client Command line options - Description

In addition to superior Perfect PC terminal emulation the Georgia SoftWorks Telnet and SSH2 Clients have powerful command line options facilitating faster, easier and more flexible connections. Many of these options such as the Host, Username, Password and Domain can be used to eliminate prompting by the client or server when connecting to the UTS Server. The following optional command line parameters may be used ...

-aThis specifies that this Georgia SoftWorks Client can AutoLogon
-bAnswerback Text passed to the Server and stored in the Environment variable gwtn_answerback. See PPC configuration for more details
-uUserNameSpecifies the name of the User (eg: -uFred)
-pPasswordSpecifies password for the user. Use '.' if user has no password. Notice that this is a lowercase "p" (eg: -pSecret or -p.)
-dDomainSpecifies the domain of the user. Use '.' if you want to use default domain or no domain (eg: -dWork or -d.)
-hHostnameThis specifies host name (or IP address) to connect to (eg: -hServer or -h192.168.0.1)
-Hheartbeat TimeThis specifies our client side heartbeat. You need that parameter for the session cleanup!
-kDisables the mouse in the telnet or SSH2 session
-PportNumberSpecifies the port number to use for telnet or ssh2. This port must also be set on the Server in the services file. Notice this is an uppercase "P"
-cSpecifies that the client uses Encryption. This option works only in conjunction with corresponding settings on the server. See setting up encryption. NOTE: This option is only valid for the TELNET Server.
-r1=printernameThis specifies Printer1 Printer 9 for Enhanced Mode client side printing. No spaces are allowed in the printer name (eg: -r1=\\Server\Epson)
This allows additional form feed control capabilities. With some applications unexpected form feeds will be generated at the end of the document causing misalign output and paper waste. If this behavior is noticed then the -f option may help in suppressing the extra form feeds. Optional index is the virtual printer index. This option uses the copy command to print.
-scmddelayThis specifies the Command Output Display Delay time (Milliseconds) for the results data displayed in the gs_clnt.exe/gs_ssh.exe window as a result of executing a Client Side Command from within a telnet or SSH2 session. A primary function of the Client software is to display and refresh the Telnet or SSH2 Session Window based on Server Output. So when a Client Side Command displays results in the Session Window, a time is specified for the display of the Client Side Command Output in the gs_clnt.exe/gs_ssh.exe window before the display of server side data is resumed. The default is 2000[ms] (two seconds).
-UEnable Unicode character processing for input and output.
-xClient Caption StringThe User has additional control over the caption text displayed in the client window when using the Georgia SoftWorks Telnet or SSH2 Client. This helps identify specific sessions especially when multiple sessions are opened simultaneously. The entered caption is appended to the normal caption and note that NO spaces are allowed in the Client Caption string
-zDisable the Automatic Update of the Georgia SoftWorks Telnet or SSH2 Client.

Note that a slash (/) and a dash (-) are interchangeable in the command line