Configure a machine to map to a FTP server as a drive

(for instance the Microsoft site) providing the machine runs both NetBEUI and TCP/IP. Perform the following:
  1. Perform a NSLOOKUP for the FTP site, e.g.nslookup ftp.microsoft.com and make a note of the IP address
  2. Edit the LMHOSTS file (in %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc)
  3. Add line
    {ip address} MicrosoftFTP #PRE e.g. MicrosoftFTP #PRE
  4. Save the file
  5. Open a CMD.EXE session. Enter command: nbtstat -R (This purges and reloads the name table cache)
  6. Type command:
    net view \\MicrosoftFTP
  7. You should see information on the site
  8. Now map a drive (to share data)
    net use * \\MicrosoftFTP\data /user:anonymous
  9. All done. It will pass a drive letter for the connection