Repair your database using MS Access Vsn2

You MUST use Microsoft Access Version 2 and not any later version!!!!

  1. Go into internet explorer
  2. enter the address
  3. Choose the SAVE option
  4. If you use our AUSBROKER program enter
    as the file name to save But if you use our rent Master program enter
    as the file name to save
  5. When it starts downloading the file ...
  6. If it asks you whether to overwrite the file answer YES.
  7. Once the download has finished there will be a RUN button that you can click - click it
  8. if it shows a message about the publisher not being verified just click the RUN button again
  9. It will then display a message telling you which folder to save the file into and you can just click on the OK button
  10. Another window will open up showing Winzip Self Extractor - msa.exe
  11. Change the entry in the box that says C:\Windows
    If you use our AUSBROKER program change it to C:\Broker
    But if you use our rent Master program program change it to C:\RentMstr
  12. Click on the UNZIP button
  13. it will say 5 files unzipped so just click on the OK button and MS Access V2 should open up by itself
  14. It may display 5 or 6 messages about can't find file etc - just click on them when/if they appear
  15. When it is finished you should see a screen that says Microsoft Access in the top left hand corner
  16. Now click on the FILE menu and choose REPAIR DATABASE
  17. Navigate to the folder where you store your Ausbroker or Rent Master data (it might be C:\broker or G:\broker or J:\broker etc)
  18. Double click on your database name in the file name list on the left hand side
  19. The database should be repaired and then a message telling you that the repair is compete should be displayed.
  20. Click on the OK button.
  21. Follow the instructions on the FAQ page on our web site to do a compact on the database and then another repair and another compact.

If this doesn't work then you'll need to restore a previous backup of your data and repeat the procedure once you have restored it.