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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions about Importing Bank Statements

Importing Bank-SA Internet Banking Statements

To import your BANK-SA statements into Rent Master or Ausbroker you need to do the following...

You can export the data into EITHER CSV (Comma Separated Values) format (in which case you need to set the bank import screen to use format BS5) or Fixed Format (in which case you need to set the bank import screen to use format BS4). It doesn't matter to Rent Master or Ausbroker which format you use as long as you tell the bank import screen the correct format. The CSV format can be useful if you want to look at the data in Microsoft Excel otherwise for the Fixed format data you'd be better to look at it using Windows Notepad.

Note that we suggest saving the file to one of the following locations and names

Processing Your Imported Bank Statements

Once you have imported your bank statement information you can then process the transactions.
  1. Click on the VIEW UNPOSTED TRANSACTIONS to view the data just imported to make sure it's OK
  2. Click on the PROCESS RECEIPTS button to post the receipts
  3. Click on the PROCESS CHEQUES button to present the cheques.
  4. Click on the VIEW ERRORS to see what data couldn't be posted.
  5. Print the errors and then go and enter these into your system manually.
  6. Click the FLAG UNPOSTED DATA option to indicate that you have manually posted all of the entries which couldn't be posted automatically.
There are many types of transactions which the system is unable to post automatically. If the payment is not for the normal rent amount or for the normal rent amount plus any outstanding invoices then the system won't know what it is for and so can't post it. If the system cannot identify a tenant's AGENT NUMBER then the rent receipt can't be posted. if a cheque amount is not the same as the cheque amount showing in the Bank Reconciliation screen then the cheque won't be presented automatically - you need to correct the cheque value first.

The system can match up tenant receipts because you will have entered the tenant's AGENT NUMBER (which is the number of the card issued to them by you) into the tenant screen. It is entered into the AGENT EFT ID data entry field on the BANKING screen in the EDIT TENANT function.