GO Software Pty Limited Program Download

You can download the latest program updates and the install files for our common programs from these locations.

ApplicationFull Install FilesUpdate OnlyProgram to Run
Ausbroker Conveyancingbrok-ins.exebrok-upd.exeC:\Broker\Broker.Exe
District Nursing Visit Systemnurs-ins.exenurs-upd.exeC:\Nursing\Nursing.Exe
General Accountingacct-ins.exeacct-upd.exeC:\Nursing\Nursing.Exe
Hospital PMI/ATSpmi-ins.exepmi-upd.exeC:\PMI-ATS\PMI-ATS.Exe
NWS9 Videotape Library Systemvide-ins.exevide-upd.exeC:\Video\Video.Exe
Payroll (16-bit)payr-ins.exepayr-upd.exeC:\Payroll\Payroll.Exe
Payroll (32-bit)pay2-ins.exepay2-upd.exeC:\Payroll\Payroll2.Exe
Rent Master Property Managementrent-ins.exerent-upd.exeC:\RentMstr\RentMstr.Exe
  1. None of these programs read or write to the Windows registry - they use INI files instead which are located at C:\Windows\{ProgramName}.Ini where {ProgramName} needs to be replaced with the name of the program you are running.

  2. If you have an existing working program then you only need to install the update file - there is no advantage to installing the full version - it will just take longer.

  3. You can just copy the program folder from an existing computer to a new computer and the program should then work on the new computer once you have setup an icon for it.

  4. Because there are no DLL or OCX files registered there is no advantage to unistalling the program and reinstalling it - there is no uninstall program - just delete the folder if you no longer need it.

  5. Once you have installed a program then you just need to create a shortcut to the entry shown under "program to run".

  6. The program isn't licensed itself but the license is stored in the actual database so if you move the whole program folder including the database(s) to a new computer then the program will work with the existing license in the existing database.

  7. All of these programs work over a network with multiple users accessing them at the same time.

  8. All of these programs expect the database that they open to NOT be in a UNC folder location (eg \\Server\Data\RentMstr) but to be in the {DriveLetter}\{ProgramName} folder (eg C:\Acctng, R:\RentMstr, K:\Broker etc so if you want to share the program then create a C:\DATA folder on your server and copy the program to C:\Data\{ProgramName} and Share the C:\Data folder so that other computers can map a drive letter to it.

  9. Sometimes you need to copy the *.DLL, *.VBX, *.OCX files from the {ProgramFolder} to the C:\Windows\System and/or C:\Windows\System32 folders as there may be older versions of these files there which cause the program to not run.

  10. You MUST have UNC turned fully OFF on Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 computers and the programs (except for the 32-bit payroll) will ONLY run on a 32-bit version of windows.

  11. You must have the regional settings set correctly to AUSRALIA and ENGLISH (AUSTRALIAN) otherwise some things don't seem to work properly.

  12. You can see further information at www.gosoftware.com.au/faq.php

  13. IF you choose to sell your business to someone else (with a different company name) they will need to purchase a new license from us as the license is tied to the company name and under these circumstances you must cease to use the program yourself.