We suggest that you print this out now and keep it. Then you will have written instructions on how to install program updates and how to send us a copy of your database if we request it etc.

Before printing the page you might like to click on the VIEW menu (in Internet Explorer only) and then TEXT SIZE and then SMALLEST in order to automatically reduce the number of printed pages that it takes to provide a hard copy of this page.

Installation Instructions Download Problems Sending us a Backup (FTP Database to GO Software) Installing CRW-UFL Update

What do you want to know about the NBN?

NBN Info

Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

At this stage everything works OK on Windows-10 32-bit. I have been working on a totally new way to do the letters which is MUCH faster and 100% reliable as well.

Read this page to see how the new letter printing system can work outside of Ausbroker and Rent Master as well.

Click on this link (www.gosoftware.com.au/download/letters_setup.exe to download the latest version of the letters program without doing a Rent Master or Ausbroker program update.

Note that Rent Master and Ausbroker will NOT run on Windows-7 64-bit or Windows-8 64-bit or Windows-10 64-bit but WILL run on Windows-7 32-bit or Windows-8 32-bit or on Windows-10 32-bit so if you purchase a new computer make sure that it contains the 32-bit version of Windows 7, 8 or 10 (Read This) or get it changed over after you purchase it.

If you get a new desktop PC running Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 then it's a good idea to also install the Classic Shell Start menu as this will make Windows 8/10 work more like a faster version of Windows-7 (or Windows-XP) with a normal desktop and start menu - invaluable if you don't have a touch screen.

Also we have had customers tell us that all new computers now ONLY come with 64-bit windows. This is not true as many have an option for either (but it will require a re-install of windows). The same Windows product key will work with either the 32-bit or 64-bit version of windows - no differences there. If you purchase a new computer with Win-7-64 or win-8-64 or win-10-64 installed then you will have to ask the people you purchased it from to install the 32-bit version instead if you want to run Rent Master or Ausbroker on that computer (or you can install a 32-bit virtual machine instead using VMWare Player, Virtual Box or Virtual PC). If your IT Support people don't believe that they can get a 32-bit DVD then I can send them a link to an ISO so that they can burn a DVD themselves. This is quite legal as long as you have purchased a valid Windows product key.

You MUST turn off USER ACCESS CONTROL if you are using any version of Windows from Windows Vista onwards. Note that the "Metro" apps may not work on a Windows 8 computer with UAC turned off. (Read This)

I have seen a number of users running Rent Master and/or Ausbroker on a 64 bit Windows 7 computer using Windows XP Mode (which comes FREE with Windows-7 although you do have to download and install it manually). This is essentially a fully working version of Windows XP running on top of the Windows-7 computer. This is available as a free download for Windows 8, 8.1 or windows 10.

You can also download and install the (freeware) VMWare Player or VMWare WorkStation (or Oracle VirtualBox) and use this to create a virtual computer on your real computer. You can then install the 32-bit version of either Windows XP, Windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1 or Windows-10 as a virtual computer and install Ausbroker or Rent Master into that virtual computer. You need a valid windows product key to do this. You can install a windows win-7-32 virtual machine on a win-7-64 computer and use the SAME product key for both installations. This works but I have no idea whether Microsoft regard it as being legal (but I'm note sure if you can do this with Windows 8 onwards).

I have had this working reliably on 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 computers.

YES! You can also run Rent Master or Ausbroker on an Apple Mac (yuk!) provided you purchase and install Windows onto the iMac as well (eg using VMWare Fusion) . Then you can install our software into the windows virtual computer on the iMac and it works as normal.

You can also access Rent Master or Ausbroker on an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab (I have this working on my own Samsung Galaxy Tab A). You do this by setting up a computer at work to allow access to it using the Remote Desktop software (Windows XP pro, Windows 7 Pro or Vista Business only) and then you use remote desktop software on the iPad or Galaxy Tab (it's free) to connect to the computer at work.

You can no longer download a separate Reports Update (and you don't need to as all reports are now included in the main program update).

How Secure is YOUR Password

Full InstallFull Install Full Install
File DescriptionUpdate Notes
Full List of Download Files Index of Download Files
Rent Master Program Update
Rent-Upd.Exe: 23-Feb-2020 @ 17:31 95Mb
Update Notes
rentmstr_chg.php: 14-Sep-2011 @ 13:30 4.0kb
Ausbroker Program Update
Brok-Upd.Exe: 28-Mar-2018 @ 20:25 107Mb
Update Notes
broker_chg.php: 21-Sep-2011 @ 19:27 1.5kb
Form 1, 2, 3 & 4 Downloads
2010 forms now available
These are Microsoft Word versions of the standard Form 1, 2, 3 & 4 used by Real Estate Agents. You can also download them from the SA Government web site.
Accounting Program Update
Acct-Upd.Exe: 28-Mar-2018 @ 20:26 105Mb
Update Notes
(1.0kb Fri 21-Aug-2009 20:05)
Payroll Program Update (32-bit)
Full Install
Update Notes
payroll_chg.php: 05-Jul-2010 @ 21:59 1.0kb
PMI-ATS Program Update
pmi-upd.exe: 25-Jul-2017 @ 16:37 87Mb
Full Install
Update Notes
pmiats_chg.php: 17-Sep-2008 @ 23:38 1.0kb
Home Nursing Program Update
nurs-upd.exe: 25-Jul-2017 @ 17:15 87Mb
Full Install
Update Notes
nursing_chg.php: 07-Sep-2011 @ 20:46 1.5kb
Scanner Program Update
scan-upd.exe: 10-Nov-2006 @ 09:11 965kb
Full Install
Update Notes
scanner_chg.php: 17-Sep-2008 @ 23:38 1.0kb
Sales Master Program Update
sale-upd.exe: 12-Jun-2013 @ 12:27 911kb
Full Install
Update Notes
Air-Cond Program Update
airc-upd.exe: 12-Jun-2013 @ 12:27 911kb
Full Install
Update Notes
Res-Clinic Program Update
resc-upd.exe: 12-Jun-2013 @ 12:27 911kb
Full Install
Update Notes
File DescriptionInstallation Notes
VBX, OCX and DLL file update
(16-bit & 32-bit)

ocx.exe: 29-Sep-2016 @ 15:10 1.5Mb
Installation Notes:
Just download it and click on the UNZIP button

These files are all in the full installation packages for our software but can be installed afterwards if any of the files have become corrupted or deleted. They are a complete set of DLL, VBX and OCX files required by our 16-bit and 32-bit programs
Crystal Reports UFL Update (16-bit)
crw-ufl.exe: 10-Apr-2008 @ 15:10 1.5Mb
Installation Notes
These files will repair a broken crystal reporting system for any of our 16-bit programs
Crystal Reports V10 & UFL Update (32-bit)
crw-upd32.exe: 23-Jun-2008 @ 18:11 6.1Mb
Installation Notes
These files will repair a broken crystal reporting system for any of our 32-bit programs
WinZip Vsn 9.0
winzip90.exe: 25-May-2004 @ 01:00 2.3Mb
Installation Notes
Installs the "shareware" version of WinZip Version 9 (the last version that offered this feature)
WinZip Command Line Interface
wzcline9.exe: 25-May-2004 @ 01:00 549kb
Installation Notes
Installs the command line add-on for the "shareware" version of WinZip Version 9 (the last version that offered this feature)
IZArc Compression
Installation Notes:
Just open/run it to install it

Installs the "shareware" version of IZArc (similar to Winzip Vsn 9 but more capable)
IZArc Command Line Interface
Installation Notes:
Just open/run it to install it

Installs the command line add-on for the "shareware" version of IZArc (similar to Winzip Vsn 9 but more capable)
Sendmail Command Line Emailing
bmail_setup.exe: 28-Sep-2011 @ 17:06 2.9Mb
Installation Notes:
Just open/run it to install it

Installs the "freeware" (GPL) command line email program sendemail.exe
EditPadPro Text Editor
editprodemo.exe: 12-Jul-2010 @ 16:37 1.8Mb
Installation Notes:
Just open/run it to install it

Installs the "shareware" version of the Edit Pad Pro multi-document programmers Text Editor
Cute PDF Virtual PDF Printer
cutewriter.exe: 12-Jul-2010 @ 16:37 1.8Mb
Installation Notes:
Just open/run it to install it

Installs the "freeware" Cute PDF Printer which allows you to print documents to a virtual printer which results in the document being saved as a PDF file instead of being sent to the printer

Standard Letters
Rent Master Standard Letters
rent-ltr.exe: 10-Feb-2005 @ 17:40 135kb
Ausbroker Standard Letters
brok-ltr.exe: 19-Apr-2007 @ 14:47 762kb
Memorandum of Transfer 2005
brtrns05.exe: 20-Jul-2005 @ 02:33 49kb

Other Information
Real Estate Fees, Charges & Duties Lookup Tables
ATO Group Tax Tables Lookup
Other (Some are Free) Software Downloads & Links

There are a number of "Free" Microsoft Office alternatives if you REALLY don't want to purchase Microsoft Office. Any of these programs will give you an alternative to Word, Excel and Powerpoint which are just as easy to use but which will probably NOT work in conjunction with other software which is designed to interface directly to Microsoft Word or Excel.

Installation Instructions

If you have only one computer with our software on it and that computer has internet access then you CAN just OPEN (or RUN) the update file(s) from our download web page and they will install automatically. However it's much better to choose the SAVE option to save the download file to your program folder and then open it using windows explorer. When you choose to save the download file you will manually have to select your program folder before saving the file.

You can find out what your Program Folder is by using this method.

If you decide to use the SAVE option (recommended) then, once the download has started, you will see a check box (on the download progress form) saying "Close this Dialog Box when Download Complete". Make sure that this box is NOT ticked. You will also notice that there is a button marked OPEN (or RUN) on this form but it is greyed out and so you can't click on it. Once the download has completed this button will be enabled so that you can click on it and you should do so to start the installation of the program update.

If the OPEN or RUN button wasn't displayed at the end of the download process then you can open the update file in Windows Explorer - just Start Explorer, double click on the program folder and then double click on the update file name (eg rent-upd.exe, brok-upd.exe, payr-upd.exe etc) that you downloaded.

When you OPEN the program update file you will get a message box displayed. You have to click on the OK button to close this box and move on. This box will tell you the DATE of the program update. You should check this date to make sure that it is reasonably recent. If it's more than a month old then the chances are that you didn't download the update correctly. It should show the same date as is shown on this web page.

Click on the OK button to close the message box and then click on the UNZIP button to install the update. If it's a program update then the program should start automatically after the update has been installed. When the program update has been installed and the program starts it will check to see whether the database format needs to be updated as well and if so it will go through an automatic process to do this. It will also update a number of other parts of the database and may display several messages (which you should read and then close) during the process.

If you need to update multiple computers in a network then you can either

If you go into our program and look in the title bar it will tell you where your database is located. This is especially important if you accessing the program from multiple computers over a network. It might say something like

  G:\RentMstr\RentTemp.Mdb or \\Reception\C\RentMstr\RentTemp.Mdb


  K:\Broker\BrokLive.Mdb or \\BackOffice\C\Broker\BrokLive.Mdb

so a good place to save the program update would be to the G:\RentMstr folder or K:\Broker folder (or whatever your title bar says). Then you can go to every computer and click on START and then RUN and then enter G:\RentMstr\rent-upd.exe or K:\Broker\brok-upd.exe to run the program update on that computer.

The NETWORK PROGRAM UPDATE option copies the latest version of ALL of the program files, letters etc from the most up to date computer to the other computers that it can see through the network. It can automatically copy in either direction depending on where it finds the latest versions. (It can even update in both directions and copy a later version of the program from computer A to computer B and then copy a later version of a letter from Computer B to Computer A). To access this go to the DATABASE menu in your program and click on NETWORK PROGRAM UPDATE. You can only run it on one computer at a time and no one else may be using the program on another computer while the copy is in progress.

disk If you need to copy the program updates to another computer then you could choose the SAVE option and set the save LOCATION to E:\ (or whatever the drive letter is for your USB memory Disk) to save the file onto a USB memory disk. Then insert this USB memory Disk into each computer that you want to install the program update onto and open the update file from the USB memory Disk in each machine that you want to update. Note that these devices are quite cheap now. We no longer recommend copying the updates via floppy disk as they are too big to fit onto one floppy disk. Top

The Standard program folders that we use are listed below. Note that you MUST install and run the program from your own hard disk and not over the network.Only the database should be accessed via the network.

Application SoftwareStandard Program Folder
Rent MasterC:\RentMstr
Accounting WizardC:\Acctng
Payroll WizardC:\Payroll
Hospital pmi-ATSC:\pmi-ATS
Home Nursing VisitsC:\Nursing
CCW Funds ManagementC:\CCW
Breezair Air ConditioningC:\Air-Cond
Pawn MasterC:\PawnMstr

Download Problems

If you have any trouble getting the download to work by clicking on the links above try clicking on the Full List of Download Files Link and then double clicking on the update file that you need.

Note that the program update download files in this page require you to already have installed the full program from our distribution CD before you install the program update.

If you know that there is a new program update on our web site but when you view the download page the update still has an old date on it REFRESH your browser. (In internet explorer you click on the REFRESH button, click on REFRESH in the VIEW menu or just press the F5 key). If, you can see the updated file but when you click to download, it the download happens very quickly and you still have the old version running then your browser has cached the file onto your hard disk instead of downloading it again. To clear the cache click on INTERNET OPTIONS from the TOOLS menu and then in the GENERAL page click on the button to DELETE FILES in the TEMPORARY INTERNET SETTINGS section and you might like to also click on the CLEAR HISTORY button in the HISTORY section as well - just to make sure. Then try to download the file again.

If you get an error saying that the update file is not a valid WIN-32 application then you probably downloaded the file at the same time that we were updating it. Wait for 10 minutes and then download it again and you should be OK.

The current program update contains ALL program changes made to the software since the original distribution CD was written. You only ever have to install the latest program update from our web site to be completely up to date.

If your distribution CD was produced prior to May-2002 then you will ALSO need to download and install the Crystal Reports UFL Update file (Crystal Reports UFL Update) which adds extra functionality to some of the reports in the software.

Installing Crystal Reports UFL Update

We have started to use some new functions which were originally not available from Crystal Reports. One report using this new functionality is the Arrears List in Rent Master. If you get a formula error in your arrears report (or another report) then you probably need to download and install this Crystal Reports UFL Update.

See the Rent Master FAQ section for more information.

For Rent Master you will need to install two updates from our Web Site...

For Ausbroker you will need to install two updates from our Web Site...

Install the Rent Master or Ausbroker program update as normal, then the CRW-UFL update. When installing the CRW-UFL update save it and install it (ie UNZIP it) into your Windows folder (either C:\Windows or C:\WinNt normally). You can find out what your Windows Folder is by using this method.

Once you have installed these updates to EVERY computer that accesses Rent Master or Ausbroker you can check that the correct files have been installed by checking this list.

FTP Database to GO Software

If none of these things work for you then you may need to send us a copy of your database. Please don't attempt to EMAIL your database to us as even a zipped up backup will probably be too large to get through most email servers (as most ISPs block large attachments).

You can send us your data using an automatic process from within the program itself using this procedure ...
    Just start the program as you normally would - but don't do anything before you follow the next steps.
    If you want to send us an older version of your data (eg RENT0405.Mdb) then you can just open that database as normal and follow these notes while it is open. Don't forget to change back to your normal database again afterwards.


    This will automatically zip up your database and send us a copy

    repair 14

    You will be shown a message telling you what will happen next.

    repair 15

    You have to type in the word PROCEED in full to verify that you really want to do this.

    Click on the OK button to continue to the next step.

    repair 16

    You will be shown a message to tell you to make sure that no one else is using the program before you continue as if they are the process will fail. Click on the YES button to continue to the next step.

    repair 17

    You will see a black screen showing the progress of the ZIP operation which will close automatically when it has completed.

    repair 18

    You will be shown a message telling you the results of the ZIP operation. Make sure that the size and date/time of the ZIP file look reasonable to you and then click on the OK button to continue to the next step.

    repair 19

    You will see a black screen showing the progress of the FTP operation which sends us a copy of your database via the internet and which will close automatically when it has completed.

    repair 20

    You will be asked whether to send us a short email telling us that you have sent us a copy of your database. You can click on the YES button to send us that email of skip this step if you are going to send us a more detailed email later.

    repair 21

    Finally you will see a message with further instructions. Please read them and follow them.

    repair 22


    Customers often send us emails saying something like "can't save the address for a new client". You need to tell us WHICH client and WHAT address you were trying to save. The more detailed information that you send us the easier it will be for us to look into your problem. Make sure that you send us the CODES rather than the NAMES for the customer, landlord, employee etc where you are having a problem.

    Real Estate Forms 1, 2 3 & 4


    From what we've been told by many Conveyancers the AIC has decided to NOT act in what we believe is in the best interests of their members and to engage in what may be anti-competitive behaviour. As we understand it (and correct us if we're wrong) they have refused to allow the developers of the Top-Forms product to access their contract and other documents from 1st July 2010 due to them entering into an agreement with another developer. If this is the case they should NOT be following this path (unless you all agree with them doing it) as many (most) of you were very happy with the Top-Form product and had no desire to change. (The AIC may very well be entitled to be involved in the development of another product in competition with Top-Forms (but only if their members think that this is a good idea) but why prevent Top Forms from competing with their own well established product?)

    As a result you may now have to pay a MUCH higher price (for possibly a more comprehensive product) than you were previously paying. Many of you have told us that you don't WANT to go down this path but you feel that you have no choice but to go along with them. That is hardly the AIC HELPING you out!

    Because of the AIC's choice with regard to the forms and their contract I have decided to put up a copy of the forms onto my website so that Conveyancers (and possibly land agents as well) can download them. This won't help you with using the AIC contract (you could use the REI contract instead) but at least you can use the forms in Word. To get copies of these forms all I have done is gone to the SA Govt Legislation website and gone to the Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Regulations 1995 page and downloaded a RTF copy of the current regulations. (RTF - Rich Text Format - is an alternative document format supported by many word processors). Once I had the regulations document I opened it in Word and copied out (what I think are) the relevant sections and saved them as separate Word documents and then put those documents onto my web site. If the SA Government decides that I've done the wrong thing by putting copies of their forms onto my website then they may ask me to remove them (which I will) but if this happens you still know how YOU can use the same process to get your own copies.

    Now, the AIC is there ONLY to provide support for their members. They do this by representing their members when dealing with the LTO or other government organisations and possibly the media. They may also choose to develop and provide a contract of Sale and other documents and even software for their members to use as another service. There are probably many other ways that they can (and do) represent the interests of their members as well.

    Now if they do develop (or pay to be developed) software or documentation then it's fair enough that they may CHOOSE to charge a fee for their members to have the right to use those documents/software (although they COULD also make them available at no additional cost as part of your normal membership fee). They could (and should) provide them in at least PDF format and Word format and even as part of a software package they may provide/sell/rent to their members. They could even allow non-members to use their documents/software but at a higher price. That may even encourage non-members to join the AIC (and possibly allowing the AIC to reduce YOUR membership fees). However if a software developer wishes to provide another means of filling them out automatically and printing them then the AIC SHOULD (if acting in the interest of their MEMBERS) enter into a reasonable agreement with such a software developer (eg Top Forms) where either the developer or the conveyancer may have to pay a fee for the use of the forms in that software.

    Many of you use our software (which doesn't include provision to print the AIC contract anyway) but now I've been told that you feel that you are being forced to change to the AIC's product. That's OK if you WANT to change but it's NOT ALRIGHT if you DON'T want to change.

    I'd suggest that you tell whoever is NOT acting in the YOUR best interests (and that of other AIC MEMBERS) to start doing so. If they don't listen to you individually then I suggest that you band together and call a special general meeting of the AIC and TELL them what you want. This may result in you putting forward a "motion of no-confidence" in the board and (if carried) resulting in sacking them and you electing a new board who WILL do what the MAJORITY of the members want without "treading on the toes" of other members. Neither the elected officials or the employed staff of the AIC OWN the AIC - the MEMBERS do.

    Remember, there is nothing wrong with the AIC developing documents and/or software for the benefit of their members and making that available to their members but they cannot and should not involve themselves in anti-competitive behaviour or act in an apparently arrogant way to force their members into doing something that their members do not wish to do. By attempting to force you to change they are damaging YOUR businesses as they are forcing you to pay more than you need to in order to get your job done. Even if you were the ONLY conveyancer who wanted access to the documents in Word format - it would cost the AIC NOTHING to allow you to do so - and they could charge you a fee for using them in this format. (The easiest way for them to do this would be to charge you either a once only fee for access to the CURRENT document versions or an annual fee for access to the latest versions of their documents - in ANY common format.)

    Not Happy, AIC

    It appears that MANY Conveyancers are unhappy about the situation but no-one seems to know what to do. So you need to ...

    1. Get a copy of the AIC's Constitution and/or Articles of Association
    2. Get as list of the AIC's current financial members.
    3. Contact the members and see how many of them are unhappy and whether they are prepared to sign a petition to get the AIC to change their ways
    4. If the petition doesn't get you anywhere then call a Special General Meeting and propose a vote of confidence in the committee - then don't vote for that motion. That motion will then be lost and the committee must then resign. You then elect a new committee who WILL act in the BEST interests of the members.

    The AIC MUST provide a copy of their constitution or articles of association (whichever applies) to any member who requests it. In fact they are supposed to be lodged with either ASIC or OCBA and so you should also be able to request a copy of them (for a fee) from either http://www.ocba.sa.gov.au and/or http://www.asic.gov.au.

    The AIC should provide all members with a list of contact details for all of the other members. That is standard practise for clubs and associations and is designed to foster open communication within it's membership. If they refuse (for privacy reasons) then you already know most of them anyway and the LTO should also be able to give you a list or you can look on the AIC website. http://www.aicsa.com.au/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=36 and they'll give you a list. I've even copied their list here for you.

    The petition is the first and easiest way to go as if they listen to you then all will be resolved quickly.

    If the petition doesn't work (or you just want to get straight to the point) then look up the AIC Articles of Association or Constitution to find out how many members it takes to call a special general meeting and what the procedure is. If the required conditions are met then the AIC MUST (by law) call a special general meeting and respond to your requests. If, at the SGM, the committee fails to agree to act in the best interests of their members then you move a motion of confidence in the current committee. Everyone present votes on this and if there are less than 50% of the members who have confidence in the committee then the committee MUST (by law) resign and you are then free to elect a new committee. (Members of the original committee are not precluded from being elected to the new committee but be careful who you elect).

    Note that according to "Roberts Rules of Meeting Procedure" which are used by governments and companies all around the world (not related to me) all motions should be put in the affirmative so you don't put a motion of NO confidence and attempt to get the motion PASSED but you instead put a motion of CONFIDENCE and attempt to get it to NOT be passed. If a motion of confidence is LOST then it means that you have no confidence in the committee.

    Although it has nothing to do with me I am happy to help you out with the process (I won't DO it but I am happy to help YOU do it). I am even happy to come along to the Special General Meeting although I can't vote in the meeting (unless one of you or more than one of you are prepared to give me your proxy to vote on your behalf).

    Extracted from ASIC's database at AEST 19:11:51 on 27/09/2010
    IDSA A20917
    Registration DateUnknown
    Next Review DateUnknown
    Principal Place of Businessnot available
    JurisdictionOffice of Consumer & Business Affairs, South Australia