Corrupted Windows Profile

Sometimes a computer will get a corrupted profile.

When this happens it logs you onto that computer with a temporary profile (which is not part of any domain). Hence you will probably have connectivity andother issues. Also, any changes that you make to the profile will be LOST when you logout or reboot the computer.

I've seen this before and in one instance it required a total reinstall of windows.

Try this ....

  1. Create a new user on the PC
  2. Log off and log onto the PC as the new user and see if it all works OK.
  3. If it does then open Windows Explorer and browse to C:\Documents and Settings (on Windows XP) or C:\Users on Vista/Win-7/Win-8).
  4. Delete the whole folder for the previous user.
  5. Log off and then log back on as the previous user.

If this works then you're OK and if it doesn't then "Houston, we have a problem"