To install Ausbroker on another computer you can either move or copy the programs and data from an existing computer or install it from the original CD and then install the latest Ausbroker program from the Download Page on our web site.

Ausbroker contains ALL of it's programs and data in the C:\Broker folder on each machine EXCEPT for two items.

  1. The database, which is a Microsoft Access V2 database (MDB file) resides on the C:\Broker folder on one computer only

  2. The C:\Windows\Broker.Ini file which resides in the Windows or WinNT folder. This file can be ignored as there is no critical data in the file - only preferences which will be established again as you start using the program on another computer.

So you can just copy the C:\Broker folder from one computer to another to make the program work and then set up two icons....

To just move the data from one computer to another move ALL of the MDB files from C:\Broker folder (and it's subfolders) on the old server to the C:\Broker folder (and it's sub-folders) on the new server.

if you are just setting up another computer to run Ausbroker and access the database stored on another computer then make sure that you delete all of the files with a .MDB file extension from the machine that you copied the data to otherwise you may accidentally open a COPY of the database instead of your live data in which case changes made on one computer won't be seen on the other computer(s).

To connect to the new database go into Ausbroker and choose SELECT NEW DATABASE from the FILE menu and navigate to the database file that you want to open and click on it.

You MUST map a network drive to the server - you can't use a UNC path such as \\Server\C\Broker\BrokData.Mdb

Ausbroker expects to find the database in the X:\Broker folder where X: can be ANY drive letter from C: to Z:

So, either map the root folder of the server or create a DATA folder and share this as drive R: and then copy the data files to the R:\Broker folder.

We normally install an entire copy of Ausbroker into the R:\Broker folder as the system can detect when a program update has been installed on one computer and propagate that update to the server. Once an update is on the server then it can propagate it down to all of the other workstations.

Do NOT attempt to run the program across the network - the program MUST be in the C:\Broker folder on each computer and run locally otherwise the network will grind to a halt. Only the MDB files are accessed across the network.

If you want to install the program from the CD which will setup the icons etc for you then you can do so and then go to our web site and install the Ausbroker Program Update. You can use ANY Ausbroker CD - no matter how old and once you have done the updates from our web site you will have the latest version installed.

You may need to also install some of the other support files such as Winzip, Acrobat Reader etc which you can also download from our web site by going to the Download Page. Information about how to download and install the updates can also be viewed and printed from our download page.