AUSbroker for Windows has the essential and supporting functions and automation which makes conveyancing a lot easier. It is designed from your perspective, and works the way you would like it to. It performs accurately and quickly which reduces errors, hassles and time. The benefits are enormous, but the key features of AUSbroker for Windows are briefly outlined below:

All of our software is designed to run in the Microsoft Windows environment. We have customers successfully running it on an Apple MAC and you can too (as long as you install a windows virtual machine using VMWare or a similar product).

It was developed locally by GO Software from its MS-DOS based brother and is enhanced to suit the industries needs as these change and expand.

Screen Dumps:

Client 1: Property DetailsEdit Land Agents
Client 2: Title DetailsEdit Local Councils
Client 3: Strata Corp DetailsEdit Other Conveyancer's
Client 4: Fees/ChargesEdit Mailing List
Client 5: Rates & Taxes AdjustPrint Cheques
Client 6: Transfer DetailsPost Transactions
Client 7: DisbursementsSettlement Quote
Client 8: Cheques RequiredTrust Account Inquiry
Purchaser DetailsIncoming Mortgages
Vendor DetailsOutgoing Mortgages
Water Calculation

General Information


Our software is designed to run in the Microsoft Windows environment. However we have had some success making it run in the Apple MAC environment too. If you're an Apple MAC fan and would like to use our software on a MAC then "it can be done!"

Vendors and Purchasers - Stores details of vendors and purchasers including notes and new addresses for automatic, correct direction of letters after settlement date.

Properties - Records full details of properties including Address, Purchase Price, Deposit Paid, Settlement Date, Agent, Council etc....

Agents - Agents file includes different offices and salesman fields.

Mortgages - Stores information for single or multiple mortgages, both incoming and outgoing.

Fees - Automatically calculates all fees, including your fee, agent charges, stamp duties, search charges etc. from adjustable, standard tables. The calculations are easily overridden.

Adjustments - Automatically calculates adjustments such as council rates, water rates, land tax etc. You can enter as many Adjustments as you wish.

Posting of disbursements - As many disbursements as you wish can be entered and these disbursements are automatically listed on the relevant statements

Water Charges - Automatic calculation of commercial, current and new 1997/98 water charges with appropriate letter. Any additional water rates can be easily added.

Title details - Stores all certificate of title details.

Settlement Documents - Produces Vendor, Purchaser and Adjustment statements in a Windows word processor, You can list the cheques required for settlement, which are calculated for you in the Adjustment Statement.

Transfer Documents - Prints transfer documents automatically (either completely or on a form) with multiple signing clauses available which can easily be added to.

Letters - Produces quality personalised letters automatically. You have the flexibility to easily edit these on the screen. We provide you with a set of letters in TX-Word or Windows Write, however you can use and create your own letters using most Windows word processors.

Trust Account Management - Complete recording of all transactions through the trust account to separate ledger cards for vendor and purchaser and detailed lists including an audit trail whenever it is needed.

Cheques - You can transcribe these from your handwritten cheques, print them individually, or have them automatically calculated and printed.

Receipts - Receipts can be handwritten or printed automatically which eliminates many transcription errors.

Bank Reconciliation - Keeps track of unpresented cheques and deposits in the traditional reconciliation method, which can be performed as frequently as you wish. Reports are available at all times giving your current trust a/c balance at a glance.

Diary - Enter actions to be taken on each file. Standard entries, such as 'Check documents ready for settlement' can be set up and these will be automatically entered into each new file. Diary lists can be printed in a number of different formats.

Management reports - Provides many essential management reports, such as settlement lists, fee source analysis and list of files for one vendor, purchaser or agent, which can be displayed on the screen for browsing as well as printed.

Make your own Reports - You have the ability to generate your own inquiries into the database using standard Structured Query Language (SQL).

Searches file - Keeps track of searches performed and which are sold, billed or unbilled.

Information posting - Posts all information entered to all relevant files.

Access to Information - Able to quickly find any desired information, such as current client balances, and search the system for desired records, including by property address.

Multiple Data Bases - Have one for training and testing and one for 'live' files.

Training and support - A solid training and support program is included in the price of AUSbroker for Windows. This entitles you to 10 hours training, and unlimited phone support for 12 months.

Computing requirements


All of our software will happily run on any modern PC running Windows XP or later (32-bit version only however)

Our software is running on Windows-7 (32-bit) and Windows-8 (32-bit) and can run on WIndows-7 (64-bit) using the free XP-Mode.

It will also operate as a multi-user system on moden TCP/IP networks

Works with most modern printers, including laser printers and ink jet printers (laser printer recommended)



AUSbroker for Windows should be an integral part of your conveyancing business. It provides the most cost effective combination of functions and usability to meet your needs now and into the future.

The principal reason Conveyancers choose AUSbroker for Windows is because they understand that the benefits quickly surpass the initial costs. Conveyancing offices can obtain a payback usually within one year of installation.

"I wanted a Conveyancing program which gave us a standard of presentation which would impress our clients. AUSbroker for Windows gives us what we want. Changes required by legislation are done automatically and if we want other modifications, then these are carried out quickly. We feel secure in knowing that the adjustments and charges are always correct and the letters we print always have the latest information. AUSbroker for Windows saves us time, money and headaches. So far it has exceeded our expectations."

Neville Lea, Dial A Conveyancer

We suggest you don't just take our word for it - or even theirs. The best way to understand whether AUSbroker for Windows is a worthwhile system for your office is to check it out, thoroughly! Call Glyn Roberts to arrange a no-obligation demonstration.

Costing & Periodical Payment Terms

AUSbroker for Windows is the most cost effective, quality conveyancing system available in South Australia. We have also made it even more attractive, with payment terms to suit you. Great Value Price

AUSbroker for Windows Multi user system $3,300 GST Inc

Included in the price are a number of valuable advantages:

Three Payment Options

You are able to select the most suitable option to meet your cash flow requirements. Where up-front payment is not made in full we require you to authorise your bank to automatically deduct the periodical payments from your account and credit them to our bank account on a monthly basis until paid in full.

The options available are:

Other Useful Links

RevNet and/or TIMBER Slip Printer

To print using REVNET and/or TIMBER you need a slip printer such as the Epson Slip Printer - Model TM-U295 which we can also supply. The cost varies according to the exchange rate etc but is normally around the $1,000 mark.

There are instructions for installing the Slip Printer Active-X Software here on our web site as well.

Quick Payback

AUSbroker will pay for itself very quickly, even if you handle small amounts of work. This can be illustrated in a number of ways.

Surveys of our 40 plus users in South Australia support our estimate of 30-40% actual savings in clerical efficiency. An example of user comment:

"We have had a marked improvement in our performance which is largely due to AUSbroker."

Mr. B. Twelftree, Town and Country Landbrokers

In practical terms, an average conveyancing office would be able to reduce processing cost by at least $50 to $100 per week. In one year this represents a saving of $2,500 to $5,200.

AUSbroker for Windows - The Conveyancing Wizard