We suggest that you print this out now and keep it. Then you will have written instructions on how to send us a backup copy of your database.

Before printing the page you might like to click on the VIEW menu and then TEXT SIZE and then SMALLEST in order to automatically reduce the number of printed pages that it takes to provide a hard copy of this page. Don't forget to change it back to medium after you have printed the page!

Please don't attempt to EMAIL your database to us as even a zipped up backup will probably be too large to get through most email servers as most ISPs tend to block very large attachments.

Sending a backup of your data to us

BEFORE you attempt to send us a copy of your database - read this WHOLE section first!! If we ask you to send a copy of your current backup disks to us you can do this by following these steps...

Sending us a backup using FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

There is now an option in the DATABASE menu of Rent Master and Ausbroker to FTP DATABASE TO GO SOFTWARE. You can use this option to send us a copy of your database (the data that you are currently working on.).

If you want to send us an older version of your data (eg RENT0405.Mdb) then you can just open that database as normal and while it is open choose the FTP DATABASE TO GO SOFTWARE option from the DATABASE menu. Don't forget to change back to your normal database again afterwards.

Once you have selected the FTP option you will be asked to type PROCEED to continue. If you are asked for a password instead then you should download and install a program update first as you have a very old version of the program and a program update should be done to see if THAT fixes your problem.

You will be given a warning that No one else may be using the system if you attempt to zip up the database! Are you sure that you want to proceed? so you need to make sure that you don't have the program open on ANY other computer in your office - then click on YES. During the compression process a black screen will be displayed showing the progress.

winzip logo

Once the database has been zipped up a message will be displayed saying that the database has been compressed. You need to click on the OK button to proceed further. At this stage everyone can go back to using the program again.

The database will then be sent to GO Software using the FTP facility. This may take some time (perhaps 30 minutes depending on the upload speed of your internet connection). During this time another black screen will be displayed showing the progress. This could look like either of the two screens shown below.


When the database has been sent to us a message will be displayed saying so and suggesting that you send us an email saying that you have sent us a backup and WHY you sent it to us. Go into your Email program and start a new email and address it to . Don't forget to include all of the relevant client, landlord, property, tenant, creditor, disbursement codes etc so that we know exactly what you are talking about. In about 90% of cases our customers tell us that they were having a problem with such-and-such without telling us which screen, which codes etc and so we are unable to look at the problem until this has been clarified.