We have recently heard that Australia on Disc IS now Available again.

I will update my information as soon as I have further confirmation but it appears that the unfair court ruling that allowed Telstra to shut down all of the companies marketing phone/address books on CDROM has been reversed. (About time!!!). However, note that sending unsolicited information to people at random may make your business VERY unpopular!! and by sending it via email you may be breaching the anti-SPAM laws. Make sure that you provide a means for the people you contact via email to unsubscribe from your email list and that you honour any such request.

GO Software has been a reseller for Australia on Disc, DTMS (Desktop Marketing System) as well as ASearch which were all widely used in the Real Estate Industry, Debt Collection Industry (and others) to generate personalised mail outs to prospective purchasers and vendors.