"At Least One Service Failed To Start" on Windows Servers

In many cases you can just ignore these messages as all of the services MAY have started correctly. The message occurs if one or more services fails to start within a "reasonable" time of it being started. To check ...

  1. Click on START
  2. then RUN
  3. Enter "Services.Msc"
  4. Click on OK
  5. Click on the STARTUP TYPE column to sort by that column
  6. Look for services set to AUTOMATIC where the STATUS column doesn't say STARTED
Note that there are some services (such as the PERFORMANCE LOGS AND ALERTS service) which will start and then terminate itself automatically and this is normal behaviour for this service.

This may occur because BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) requires the EventSystem service. If BITS has any pending jobs, it is set to automatically start. If BITS starts before the EventSystem service, it tries to start the EventSystem service and waits for it to start, If the EventSystem service doesn't start within the timeout period, usually 80 seconds, BITS times out, and you receive the At least one of services failed to start message.

To workaround this behaviour, add the EventSystem service to the BITS dependencies.

NOTE: In Windows Server 2003, you can use the SC.EXE (Service Control) utility to add the EventSystem to the existing rpcss dependency of the BITS service: