We have standard debtors, creditors, stock control and general ledger software as well an d because it's written by us we can tailor the software to satisfy your unique reporting requirements.

Often a standard "shrink wrapped" program like MYOB can do the job for you EXCEPT that you have some form of unique reporting requirements (usually relating to analysis of your sales or processing of your orders). This is where we can help you by writing custom software to enable you to get the information that you require. We will provide a complete customised debtors, stock and sales analysis solution that suits your specific needs.

All of our software is designed to run in the Microsoft Windows environment. We have customers successfully running it on an Apple MAC and you can too (as long as you install a windows virtual machine using VMWare or a similar product).

It was developed locally by GO Software from its MS-DOS based brother and is enhanced to suit the industries needs as these change and expand.

Our accounting software includes

Computing requirements


All of our software will happily run on any modern PC running Windows XP or later (32-bit version only however)

Our software is running on Windows-7 (32-bit) and Windows-8 (32-bit) and can run on Windows-7 (64-bit) using the free XP-Mode.

It will also operate as a multi-user system on moden TCP/IP networks

Works with most modern printers, including laser printers and ink jet printers (laser printer recommended)

We are able to provide fully functional demonstration versions of any of our software packages (running under Microsoft Windows) to you on CD. Just send us a request via our requests page.