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GO Software's primary business is custom developing software to suit your business Practises. We write almost all of our software using Microsoft Visual Basic and use Microsoft Access databases or SQL Server databases as our primary data store. We are also proficient at ASP web page design and MySQL databases.

You can find us at 27 Tacoma Blvd, Pasadena SA 5042.

In the process of developing custom business solutions we have developed a number of software packages for various industries. These include

Server Room

TeamViewer for Remote Support
Team Viewer Quick Support Vsn 9
(temporary once only access)
or https://get.teamviewer.com/gosoftware">here
GO Software Team Viewer Host Version (Free) Vsn 9 (permanent access on demand)
Please read notes on how to install
Team Viewer Full Version (Free) Vsn 9 (permanent 2-way access on demand)

All of our software is designed to run in the Microsoft Windows environment. We have customers successfully running it on an Apple MAC and you can too (as long as you install a windows virtual machine using VMWare or a similar product).

It was developed locally by GO Software from its MS-DOS based brother and is enhanced to suit the industries needs as these change and expand.

We also ...


If Life were like a Computer....

T-Shirt Slogans

Quotable Quotes (from the "not so distant" past)

Wrod Rscheearch

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A Trip Down Memory Lane (for those of us old enough to remember)

www.oldcomputers.net is a web site dedicated to the memory of old (and VERY obsolete) "personal" computers from our past. I can remember seeing almost all of these advertised in Electronics Australia and the early computer magazines and I even got to "touch" some of them and even own a few of them.